Web Site Redesigned!

My personal web site has been badly in need of a refresher for years now. I played with elements of a redesign a few years ago, but the bigger challenge was migrating the content, and the longer I waited, the more technical debt I accumulated. This was a problem, as I’m a notorious yak shaver.

Well, I finally did it. Welcome to the new eekim.com!

Not all of the data is migrated to the new design, but the gist of it is all here. Thank you, WordPress and MediaWiki. You’ve made my life much easier.

The background image is from my trip to Kano, Nigeria in 2008.

Peering Out Over Kano

I stole elements of the design from many places, including Zak Greant’s blog, which I enjoy quite a bit.

Sadly, the Purple Numbers are gone. So is the blog/Wiki integration via Link As You Think. I hope they (or something with equivalent functionality) make their return soon.

Let me know how you like the new site!

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