Tools for Catalyzing Collaboration: June Workshop

I just announced a new online workshop on the Blue Oxen Associates blog: Tools for Catalyzing Collaboration. Here’s the full announcement:    (N6I)

I’ll be leading a new online workshop next month entitled, Tools for Catalyzing Collaboration. It will be an intensive, four week combination of real-time teleconferences and asynchronous online work.    (N6J)

I’ve been offering variations of this workshop in a face-to-face format for three years now, both as a general workshop offering and tailored for specific organizations. I love leading this workshop, because it’s intense and interactive, and I always gain new insights myself. We always start from first principles: What are the patterns of effective collaboration? How can we apply our physical instincts about collaboration to an online medium?    (N6K)

I’m excited to be offering it as an online workshop for the very first time. The extended time period will create greater opportunities for deeper, experiential learning, something that you don’t get with a one-off one day workshop. Moreover, it will be more accessible to participants all over the world.    (N6L)

Speaking of access, I’m also experimenting with a new pricing model, inspired by my friend, fabulous facilitator, Lisa Heft. To participate, you must apply. Once you’ve been accepted, you name the price and pay up-front, and you will be officially registered. That’s right: You name the price. I’m experimenting with different models of value exchange, and I want to make this workshop more broadly accessible in a way that is open and emergent.    (N6M)

There are only ten slots, and the application deadline is May 25, 2009, so apply today!    (N6N)

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