Blue Oxen Sensemaking Series

I’ve gushed over and over again about how much I love my work, my clients, and my community. I’m very lucky. But I’m also always conscious of Blue Oxen Associates‘ larger mission. Namely, how can we disseminate knowledge about the field more deeply and broadly?    (N4V)

This question is becoming more and more urgent every day. It’s critical that we understand how we can collaborate more effectively, but that often requires us to quickly gain expertise in a variety of complex topics. And of course, the more critical it is, the less time we usually have to spare.    (N4W)

I wanted to design an offering that provided high-quality learning on important topics related to collaboration in an engaging, collaborative manner.    (N4X)

With this in mind, I’m thrilled to announce the Sensemaking Series, an online coaching series. The format is simple: A topic, small groups (no more than five participants), and an expert in the field coaching the group. This format is not only a high-quality experience for participants, it’s a wonderful opportunity to engage first-hand with some of the brilliant people in my community.    (N4Y)

Our first series is on Internet Identity, coached by my friend and colleague, Gabe Wachob. He’ll be offering two four-week sessions in March, one on Tuesdays and another on Thursdays.    (N4Z)

Working with Gabe will be a great way to gain a deep understanding of the Internet Identity space very quickly. Please register and spread the word to folks you know who may be interested. Use the discount code, “eekim”, to register, and you’ll get $50 off.    (N50)

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