Talking Technology, Take Two

Last week, I wrote:    (LYD)

The important thing is that everyone is capable of understanding technology. Don’t let those supposedly in the know bully you away from being confident in what you understand and what you don’t understand.  T    (LYE)

Jason Zanon at Democracy In Action said the same thing much more eloquently:    (LYF)

It turns out that taking a dogged approach to technical problems — acting like one has no programmer to fall back on and starting with one’s own expertise, whatever it is, googling to enhance it, experimentally replicating bugs and testing possible solutions — can actually get one pretty far down the road, quite often all the way down the road, and build one’s own knowledge into the bargain.    (LYG)

And I’ll let you in on a secret: a fair portion of the time that the geeks get ahold of a problem, that’s exactly what they’re doing. They just strike that authoritative pose when they deliver the response to keep the normals in awe.    (LYH)

It’s an amazingly empowering experience that largely hinges on mindset. For better or worse, it’s also the sort of thing to make accidental techies if you’re the one person in an office willing to figure out troublesome printer networking or unpack HTML.    (LYI)

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