Banana Hoarding Update

Several people contributed some excellent solutions to the Banana Hoarding Problem I mentioned earlier this month. The question was how to prevent people from hoarding bananas at works. Solutions included:    (M03)

Marielle Binken wrote in last week with these excellent suggestions:    (M08)

In addition to the idea to tag the banana’s with an RFID, I suggest the banana’s start to whistle if they’re opened one day after the last banana delivered disappeared.    (M09)

The now publicly-known whistling illegal banana-owners have to make paper out of the banana-slice and make an art-work on the recycled banana-paper with e.g. the subject, “Why monkeys eat bananas and people collect them.” Each month the favourite art-work will be sold on eBay (unique collectors item), and the money raised with it will be given to some foundations… like the one related to the guy who proposed in Davos to develop long-term holding bananas without cooling needs. 🙂    (M0A)

What did I tell you? Wisdom of Crowds.    (M0B)

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