Quilting Patterns from Gee’s Bend

Last month, I went to see “The Quilts of Gee’s Bend” exhibition at the de Young Museum with my friend Betty Toole. To be honest, I found most of the quilts disappointing. The story is very compelling, even if most of the quilts are mediocre. I wish the quality of the collection wasn’t as hyped as it was, as it took away from the overall experience.    (LHY)

There were a few beautiful quilts, however. My favorite was a red quilt in an “H” pattern by Nettie Young, and the story accompanying it is a wonderful commentary on the danger of patterns.    (LHZ)

https://i0.wp.com/www.auburn.edu/academic/other/geesbend/explore/catalog/slideshow/thumbnails/q021-06_jpg.jpg?w=700    (LI0)

Young said:    (LI1)

I always loved sewing. Didn’t need a pattern. If I sew a dress or a quilt or something I liked, I can make it. I just draw it out the way I want it. In the quilting bee time, I started using patterns, but I shouldn’t have did it. It broke the ideas I had in my head. I should have stayed with my own ideas. I kept making quilts all the way up to last year (1999). I still got the feeling now and then to sew, but I just don’t have the mind to do it now. My hands are good, but I don’t quite got the spirit. Not like before when I was always ready day and night. Age got me.    (LI2)

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