Scanning Large Texts with HyperScope

Speaking of capabilities, while digging up relevant passages in 1984, I really wished I had a digital version of the book so that I could use HyperScope on it. Specifically, I wanted to find the passages that contained the word, “dictionary.”    (LEH)

With a standard Web browser and an HTML version of the text, I would have hit Alt-F, typed “dictionary,” and scanned the surrounding paragraphs of each found instance, most likely scrolling up and down to examine the context.    (LEI)

With HyperScope, I would have changed the View Spec to wi;"dictionary";. This would show me only paragraphs containing the word, “dictionary.” I would then scan each paragraph, and if I found something that piqued my interest, I would Jump to that Item with the View Spec lj, which would show me only that paragraph and its sibling paragraphs (a “plex” in Augment terminology) with the previous content filter turned off.    (LEJ)

If HyperScope had multiwindow capabilities (which it will eventually), I could do each of these operations in its own window, which would allow me to jump back and forth easily between different views of the same document.    (LEK)

This is a great example of how View Specs and Granular Addressability allow you to navigate through a large text easily and effectively in ways that aren’t possible with today’s everyday tools.    (LEL)

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