BarBar This Tuesday

Scott McMullan, I, and our other co-chairs decided to disband the SDForum Collaboration SIG. We had an outstanding run, but it just wasn’t compatible with our collective schedules.    (L9S)

Still, Scott and I didn’t want to let go completely. Actually, I just wanted an excuse to have a beer with Scott every once in a while. So this Tuesday, October 3 at 7:30pm, we’re going to meet at Zeitgeist for burgers, beers, and conversation about all things collaboration.    (L9T)

In honor of Bar Camp, we’re calling it BarBar. It will be casual, fun, and enlightening, and you all are invited. RSVP on, drop me an email, or just show up. Bring friends. And don’t be shy. We like people, even those we don’t know. See you on Tuesday!    (L9U)

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