Welcome, Gail and Todd!

Those who follow my blog regularly know how much I respect, admire, and occasionally collaborate with Gail Taylor. Some of her stories have trickled onto this blog, but they represent only a fraction of the thinking that she has helped inspire. Gail and her co-conspirator at Tomorrow Makers (and son), Todd Johnston, have been long-time fans of Wikis, and they recently joined the blogosphere. If you’re interested in deep thinking and great stories about collaboration, I strongly recommend subscribing to their new blog. As expected, there’s already a rich set of stories and thinking there, with much more to come. Welcome, Gail and Todd!    (L5C)

While I’m at it, it’s also worth mentioning Matt Taylor‘s real-time notebook. Matt is another one of Gail’s co-conspirators (and her husband), and his online journal has been available for many years. It’s not technically a blog yet (no RSS or Permalinks), so you can’t subscribe to it, but I highly recommend perusing it. There’s an amazing wealth of information there.    (L5D)

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