Buddhist Ox

The name, “Blue Oxen Associates,” is a reference to Babe the Blue Ox of the Paul Bunyan legend, which in turn is a subtle homage to Doug Engelbart. Most Americans know the story, although I find myself having to explain it to folks from other countries. On occasion, some folks have told me that blue oxen have some significance in Buddhism, although I have never bothered to look this up.    (KRI)

I told this story to Shava Nerad, whom I met last week at the Identity Mashup, and she looked up the story for me! She pointed me to a story about Great Joy, the Ox, and she also explained, “The color blue is used in hindu/buddhist iconography to indicate as association with the celestial.”    (KRJ)

Thanks, Shava! If others know of other blue oxen stories, please let me know.    (KRK)

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