Guy Kawasaki at NTEN: How to Make Meaning

Leda Dederich posted a great summary of Guy Kawasaki‘s NTEN keynote in Seattle. She writes:    (KEJ)

When we talk about nonprofits using technology, which is what this conference is about, I want to see a strong and intentional connection to a real-world theory of change. Because if that’s not what we’re here for, then what the hell?    (KEK)

This is mostly lacking in this space.    (KEL)

Lots of great people and ideas. But not a lot of talk about what it means to affect social change, and how technology supports (or does not) support this.    (KEM)

I went into this morning’s speech ready to be bored and/or offended. To my surprise, it was the venture capitalist among us who was the first to talk about changing the world — what it means to make revolution, evolution, meaning.    (KEN)

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