Unit Tests: A Reliable Friend

Mike Mell and I were IMing today about a project we’re working on together, and he said off-hand that he’d like to be more rigorous about writing unit tests. His comment struck me, because I’ve been hacking PurpleWiki again after being away for literally months, and once again, unit testing has made my life considerably easier.    (JUO)

I’ve written about unit tests before, using PurpleWiki as an example. Writing them can be a serious pain, especially when you’re on a coding roll, and I’ve been known to cheat. But the more you refactor or code intermittently (as I’m prone to do), the less inclined you are to cheat in the future.    (JUP)

Unit tests are the ultimate in peace of mind. There’s just no reason not to use them.    (JUQ)

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