Meeting Uncle Eric

Today, my nephew, Elliott Marcellus Watras, turns one. In honor of his first birthday, he’s guest blogging today. -EEK    (JU6)

A few weeks ago, I was napping peacefully in the car, when I heard this clicking noise. I opened my eyes and saw this strange looking fellow taking pictures of himself and staring at me. As soon as I woke up, he started gurgling at me inarticulately. I was wondering how this freak got into the car and was about to use my newly acquired motor skills on his crazy butt. Then Mommy explained he was my uncle. Shakespeare once wrote that blood was thicker than water. I’d be a fool to ignore the Bard, so I decided to give my uncle a chance and to get to know him better.    (JU7)


Uncle and I had a pretty good time together. He gave me this sweet bowling set for my birthday with stuffed animals for pins. I couldn’t quite get the hang of actually rolling the ball, so I pretended I was Godzilla and swatted away the pins myself. Then he taught me how to give him a five. At first, I thought he had gone nuts again, but the experience grew on me.    (JU9)


I showed my newfound affection for uncle by head-butting him repeatedly. For some reason, he found that hysterical, so from then on, I greeted him every morning with a head-butt.    (JUB)


Uncle let me play with his iBook. He started telling me about how Firefox was the best browser out there. I tried to tell him that while usability played a critical role in its success, the real potential is in Mozilla as a platform. Uncle responded by singing a silly song. I can’t believe people pay this guy for his brains. I did enjoy the song, though.    (JUD)


Mommy, Daddy, Uncle, and I went to Camp Washington for some Cincinnati Chili. I got hungry, so I powered through a package of oyster crackers. Daddy said he had never seen me eat solid food like that on my own accord and that I was one step closer to becoming a man. Then Daddy and Uncle started getting teary-eyed. Apparently, the man gene sometimes skips a generation. Then again, you wouldn’t know it from watching them eat.    (JUF)


Uncle saw me flirting with some two- and three-year old girls at the zoo, and he told Mommy and Daddy that I would be trouble when I got older. Then he and Daddy started arguing about where I got my “player” genes. Mommy just looked pained. I used to think she only got that face around Daddy, but apparently not.    (JUH)

All in all, Uncle was an okay guy. I especially enjoyed chewing on his glasses.    (JUI)


Okay, back to my nap!    (JUK)


The day after I got home, I called my sister and asked to speak to Elliott. Upon hearing my voice, he started head-butting the phone. I love that kid. Happy Birthday, Elliott! Can’t wait to see you again. -EEK    (JUL)

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