WikiMania Hacking Day 2

Tidbits from the day:    (JLA)

  • There’s now a conference blog.    (JLB)
  • The main order of business was Wikipedia‘s servers. As expected, they deal with some wild challenges. One amusing exchange occurred between Brion Vibber, one of Mediawiki‘s core developers, and a guy from MySQL. Brion asked if MySQL will ever support four-byte characters. The MySQL guy just sort of looked at him, stunned, said no, then asked why they needed it. Apparently, they do. There really are all types of folks using Wikipedia.    (JLC)
  • We digressed for a bit this morning to talk about WikiSpam. I’m going to try and coordinate a deeper discussions with some Wiki developers here to collaborate on a shared blacklist.    (JLD)
  • Speaking of “all types of folks,” here’s yet another reason why I’m loving this conference. Sixteen of us went out to dinner tonight, representing 11 countries: the Netherlands, France, Germany, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, China, UK, South Africa, Australia, and the U.S. By the way, this morning I mentioned Delphine Menard‘s trilingualism. Try fluency in six languages. I was surrounded by multilingual folks today; another fellow was fluent in something like nine languages. It was both fun and humbling.    (JLE)
  • The conference is expecting over 300 attendees and lots of press, most of whom will start converging on this sleepy hostel tomorrow. Wikipedia is a very big deal in Germany.    (JLF)

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