Big Unit Strikes Out

I love baseball, but I wasn’t so excited about going to the A’s/Yankees game yesterday afternoon. Both teams are doing poorly this year, and I was exhausted from the cumulative effects of late night fun and sun exposure. So when I saw my friend, Justin Lin, at the gate of the Coliseum, all he got from me was a perfunctory grunt hello. Justin grunted back, we walked towards our seats, then he turned to me and said, “Randy Johnson‘s pitching today.”    (IP0)

My mood changed instantly. I love watching the greats pitch, and I had never seen the Big Unit in action live. Who wouldn’t get hyped over seeing a six foot nine future Hall of Famer throw 100 mph heaters at cowering opponents? Every time Johnson pitches, there’s a chance you’ll see something historic.    (IP1)

Well, the Unit made history alright. It was the first game in his twenty year career that he did not strike anybody out (six innings or longer).    (IP2)

The game wasn’t a total loss. I don’t mind seeing that kind of history; it’s part of baseball’s charm. I also got the opportunity to use my new camera phone for the first time, as the game was interrupted twice by streakers. Yet another example of technology improving humanity. Now if I could only figure out how to download those pictures….    (IP3)

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