Paul and Babe

Jim Fournier stopped on a recent drive down from Arcata to send me this:    (ID0)


Speaking of which, I was in Noe Valley a few months ago and saw this beautifully illustrated children’s book about Paul Bunyan in the window of Phoenix Bookstore: Paul Bunyan The Work Giant, by Ida Virginia Turney. The book was published in 1941, is in pristine condition, and cost me $10. They just don’t make books like they used to.    (ID2)

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  1. I remember these statues from the a drive we took to B.C. when I was 10. What you can’t tell from the picture is both Paul and Babe can “wiggle their ears”, which was how the barker described their ability to turn their heads 🙂

    And good salmon jerky just down the road. Or at least there was 20 years ago.

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