Music City, Here I Am

Arrived in Nashville on Saturday for the MGTaylor Seven Domains Workshop, a meeting of the minds of many of those tied to the MGTaylor community. I’m working the workshop this week, then am spending a week driving in a circle to Cincinnati, St. Louis, and back to Nashville. If you have suggestions for places to visit along the way — especially interesting towns off the main road — let me know. Also drop me an email if you’re in the area and would like to get together.    (1NE)

My flight was largely uneventful, other than a stopover in Charlotte, my first time in North Carolina. I have this ongoing argument with several of my friends over how long you need to be in a state in order to qualify as actually having been there. We generally agree that stopovers don’t count, although after today, I may have to challenge that rule. Walking through the concourse towards my connecting flight, I couldn’t resist stopping for a pulled pork sandwich. Eating the local cuisine has to count for something, even if it’s at the airport.    (1NF)

You can actually get a decent sense of the local culture from airports. Several of the clerks were listening to bluegrass and country music behind their counters. White rocking chairs lined the entire concourse.    (1NG)

In addition to the sandwich, I tasted hush puppies — fried corn bread — and a fried pickle for the first time. It’s commonly acknowledged that everything tastes good deep-fried. Southerners go out of their way to prove this point.    (1NH)

Not only did barbecue feature prominently throughout the airport, there were also a few local fast food joints. I’m not that into fast food, but I like seeing what different places have to offer. Despite the ongoing conglomeration of most restaurants, even chains retain their local feel. I remember visiting D.C. when I was a kid, and being amazed at the fact that they had different fast food places — Roy Rogers in particular — than California. It’s not just childhood nostalgia, though. Thinking about the first time I had White Castle, after hearing my old boss constantly raving about it, makes me laugh. You haven’t truly experienced New York unless you’ve had White Castle at 3am in the middle of Queens.    (1NI)

After arriving in Nashville, I hopped on over to Ted’s Montana Grill to meet the other Knowledge Workers who are also working the workshop this week. Good people, all. I also enjoyed the bison short ribs. Bison is the specialty of the house, and Ted is Ted Turner.    (1NJ)

Afterwards, Jeff Johnston and Kati Thompson took me to the Station Inn for some buds and bluegrass, where we heard a great band — David Peterson and 1946. Definitely enjoyed the night out in Nashville; hoping there’ll be time for more of the same throughout the week.    (1NK)

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  1. And Nashville was very happy to have you. I know we all gushed… repeatedly. After all, the Wiki is just that cool. But Wiki or sans Wiki we recognize another knowledge worker and kindred spirit. I/we were delighted to have in Nashville to play with us.

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