Dayton Redux

Just completed my adventures in the Midwest and South. Will post my notes from my trip over the next few days. -EEK    (1Y4)

Some interesting facts about Dayton and Cincinnati, courtesy of Paul Visscher and Jason Cook:    (1Y5)

  • The Wright brothers are from Dayton.    (1Y6)
  • So are the Sheen’s and the Lowe’s.    (1Y7)
  • So is Edwin Moses.    (1Y8)
  • The aluminum can pop top was invented in Dayton.    (1Y9)
  • Jerry Springer was mayor of Cincinnati, by all accounts a pretty good one, until he was caught giving a check to a prostitute. The check bounced.    (1YA)
  • There are no strip clubs in Cincinnati. Where do folks go for adult entertainment? Dayton, of course.    (1YB)
  • The weather in Dayton is fairly moderate, as Midwestern towns go. Apparently, even the bad weather avoids Dayton.    (1YC)

I talked to many Midwesterners throughout the trip. None of them raved about the area — many complained about the people, the politics, the lack of decent restaurants, etc. — but few of them had any desire to leave. I think a big part of that is family.    (1YD)

I chatted with someone on my trip who suggested that folks on the West Coast have adventurers’ genes. After all, our history is one of exploring the frontier and of immigration.    (1YE)

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