Ken Holman XSL Courses in San Francisco

XML/XSL guru, Ken Holman, will be teaching his XSLT and XSL-FO courses in Burlingame, California at the San Francisco Airport Embassy Suites the week of March 22, 2004. Ken is not only a well-established guru, he is an excellent teacher and a great guy. Purple would still be on my To Do list had it not been for an hour’s session with Ken plus a copy of his book.    (12M)

I met Ken in late 2000, after having spent several months discussing the Open Hyperdocument System with Doug Engelbart and others. We were at an impasse at that point. Along comes Ken, who had not been part of the earlier discussions, but — being a big Doug Engelbart fan — had wanted to help. After listening to us for a few hours, Ken broke down what he had heard, which resulted in the clearest picture of our collective thinking that anyone had offered up to that point.    (12N)

Ken also encouraged me to submit my paper on graph data models for collaborative applications to the 2002 Extreme Markup conference, and offered to present it for me when I couldn’t attend myself. Not only did he selflessly plug me and my work, he gave me instant credibility with a very tough crowd. There aren’t many people as smart as Ken, and there are even fewer who are as generous and supportive.    (12O)

If you’re in the Bay Area and want or need XSL training, I highly recommend Ken’s courses.    (12P)

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