Upgraded Blosxom and Plugins

I finally upgraded blosxom to 2.0, which has been available for a few months now. I upgraded Tatsuhiko Miyagawa’s ping_weblogs_com_xmlrpc to v0.06 (after fixing a minor bug), and I installed two new plugins: entriescache_purple and Rob Hague’s cooluri.    (BJ)

entriescache_purple    (BK)

entriescache_purple is a slightly modified version of Fletcher Penney’s entriescache plugin (v0.61). Old versions of entriescache and entries_index had a pretty significant bug that prevented them from working nicely with other plugins. Fletcher did a good job of not only fixing the bug, but improving entriescache to the point where it’s really the only caching plugin anyone needs.    (BL)

entriescache supports metadate tags within the entries themselves. I hacked it to support PurpleWiki metadata instead. It’s a very minor hack, and it truly is a hack, but it works great. I’m not going to post my changes to the Blosxom Plugin Registry, because it’s mainly targeted towards users of my purple plugin. However, the diff (to version 0.61 of entriescache) is available.    (BM)

cooluri    (BN)

Rob Hague’s cooluri plugin solves what I consider to be one of blosxom’s biggest flaws: lack of stable permalinks. Now, instead of relying on path-based (category) permalinks, I can use date-based permalinks.    (BO)

In reality, date-based permalinks aren’t necessarily stable either. Some bloggers repeatedly revise blog entries, which means that the entry date changes, and hence, the date-based permalink is no longer stable. However, I don’t plan on using my blog this way, whereas I may very well want to revise categories, so date-based permalinks are the way to go for me.    (BP)

In order to get these permalinks working properly with my other plugins, I had to make some minor modifications to seemore and purple.    (BQ)

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