A Village Across the World

My friend Ying Qian recently completed a documentary, A Village Across the World, with her film partner, Jie Li. From the synopsis:    (AO)

A Village Across the World follows a group of international English-teaching volunteers into the cultural and emotional landscape of a Chinese village. Tucked away in the mountains, the Huangtian Village at first seemed a poor, forgotten outpost unaffected by dynamic changes happening elsewhere in China. Yet the splash of the volunteers’ entry uncovered rich historical memories and changing power structures that directed the life of the village. As the “foreigners” became increasingly involved in the villagers’ lives, both sides reflected on the fruits and dilemmas of intercultural contact and economic development.    (AP)

The film is 48 minutes long, in English and Chinese with English subtitles.    (AQ)

I saw an early cut of the film, and think it’s outstanding. Ying and Jie are looking for support to help cover film festival entrance fees and finance a followup documentary. Go to the movie’s web site and help support two talented filmmakers burgeoning careers.    (AR)

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