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Update: Upgraded to a Motorola Droid 3 in September 2011.

I bought a Motorola Droid on December 16, 2009, my first smartphone. The reasons I ultimately bit the bullet:

  • Available on Verizon. I was never compelled to switch from Verizon, even though there were things about them I found extremely annoying, because their coverage is good and their rates are low.
  • Data plan is worth the additional cost as backup Internet, especially since you can tether a Droid without too much trouble.
  • The Android operating system, which is open source.
  • The GPS features. I'm enamoured by location-aware computing.

I had considered waiting for some of the HTC phones that are in the horizon, but those won't be available for several months. The Droid has a beautiful screen, and even though the keyboard isn't as good as the Blackberry, I found it more compelling than touch screens.

I'm pleased with the hardware, with the exception of the battery life. I got a GPS dock for my car, and I'm considering the multimedia dock, even though it's overpriced, simply because it would give me another charger.

I'm not thrilled with Android, but I'm satisfied. I'm hopeful that 2.1 will see considerable improvements in the user interface.