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My Wiki is currently in version-flux; you may see some wacky behavior until I have a chance to fully upgrade. --EugeneEricKim (May 30, 2004) {nid 1G7}

EugeneEricKim's WorkInProgress Wiki. This Wiki serves two purposes: {nid DQ}

  • TopicMap-like support structure for my WebLog. (See WikisAsTopicMaps.) {nid DR}
  • A notebook for random ideas, essay drafts, etc. {nid DS}

In the Wiki spirit of things, you are encouraged to edit these pages and add your own content or comments. If you're new to Wikis, you should first play in the SandBox. {nid DT}

This site runs on PurpleWiki. {nid DU}

I expect that most of these pages will be created/accessed from my blog. Nevertheless, as pages are created, some interesting groupings will emerge. Here are some of them: {nid E6}