Quick Thoughts on BarCampBlock

I emerged from my summer hermitdom to attend parts of BarCampBlock this past weekend. My favorite part of Bar Camp was actually something I missed because I overslept on Saturday morning: the unveiling of the original Bar Camp attendee list (photo by Chris Heuer):    (MJC)    (MJD) This is such a wonderful picture on […]

ChiliPLoP Day 1

Yesterday afternoon, I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona for Chili PLoP 2004. I hitched a ride with Ralph Johnson and Joe Yoder to Carefree, Arizona, and soon found myself at the Lutheran Retreat Center, where the conference is being held.    (1BJ) The post-dinner agenda was to discuss the structure of the conference. Other than the […]

More on Marc Smith and Joshua Tyler

Going through some old notes, I found some other references to both Marc Smith and Joshua Tyler. Marc wrote about Netscan in, “Tools for Navigating Large Social Cyberspaces” (Communications of the ACM, April 2002, pp51-55). Joshua has a paper from when he was at Stanford entitled, “When Will You Read And Reply to My Email? […]

HP and Microsoft Study Online Communities

Two articles in recent days highlighted social scientists at Hewlett-Packard (Joshua Tyler) and Microsoft (Marc Smith). Tyler, 25, studies the rhythms of composing and answering e-mails, work that he started while pursuing a master’s degree at Stanford. Smith has been studying USENET newsgroups, and his team at Microsoft has developed software called Netscan.    (8Y)