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March 15, 2006 » Jenna Johnson: A Yellow Thread

Bill Plaschke doesn’t know a damn thing about sports, but he’s got the art of the tear jerker down pat. His latest is the inspiring story of Jenna Johnson, a 22-year old production assistant for the George Lopez Show, who collapsed and died while training for the L.A. Marathon.    (KD5) Here’s what Plaschke says […]

October 10, 2005 » Designing for Minimal Facilitation

Gail Taylor once explained to me her philosophy of designing large-scale events. If you have a large enough group, you will generally have all types of people, from obnoxious type-A personalities who dominate the conversation to thoughtful facilitator-types (whom she would call Yellow Threads).    (JV0) If you’re designing an event for such a group, […]

January 1, 2005 » Red and Yellow Threads

Gail Taylor likes to talk about the need for The Red Thread and Yellow Threads in groups. The Red Thread is a concept from filmmaking. It’s the tie that binds, an element found in every aspect of a project that helps create a unified whole. Alicia Bramlett, an artist and filmmaker who often works with […]