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March 12, 2014 » Outsourcing Tasks with Fancy Hands

I’ve been using a virtual assistant service called Fancy Hands for eight months now, and it’s been a tremendous productivity tool. I had been following the tool for many months before I finally pulled the trigger. I really missed having an assistant when I left Groupaya. We had considered trying a virtual assistant, but our […]

February 15, 2014 » Making Hard Choices

Earlier this week, a familiar foe reared its ugly head: irritability. Every little thing was annoying me, and I found myself wanting to snap at people. It’s something I used to feel constantly at my previous job, but that I haven’t felt in quite some time. Back then, I wasn’t taking care of myself, and […]

March 2, 2013 » March Progress Report on Balance and Impact

At the start of this year, I reported that I had left Groupaya in pursuit of greater balance and impact. In addition to closing out some client work, my plan was to pause, reflect, and play. Two months into 2013, I would say I’ve had moderate success. My life is certainly more balanced than it […]

February 18, 2011 » My Ideal To Do List

Last month, I visited my elder sister’s family in Cincinnati. Every evening, I read a bedtime story to my nephew, Elliott. On the last night, Elliott asked me to read him Frog and Toad Together, by Arnold Lobel. The first story followed Toad as he worked through his to do list: This, to me, is […]

October 25, 2010 » The Dreaded Email Backlog

Got back from my vacation to Korea yesterday afternoon. Here’s my quick summary of the trip: Aaah. Other than some massive jetlag, I feel very refreshed. I’ve had to hit the ground running since returning because of the usual work pileup and also a business trip later this week. Although I would have loved a […]