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September 27, 2006 » Intellipedia Shovel

After the workshop yesterday, the CIA presented me with a shovel. That’s right, a shovel.    (L8Y)    (L8Z) The shovel was inspired by MeatballWiki‘s Barnstar (which is also used by Wikipedia). It is an honor that people bestow on others for gardening Intellipedia, and it exists in both virtual and physical form. It’s a […]

May 30, 2006 » Angry Rant on Wikis

Earlier this month, Jonas Luster invited me to speak at WikiWednesday. I didn’t have anything prepared, and I didn’t feel particularly motivated to prepare anything, so, I told Jonas that I was just going to rant. Jonas, being Jonas, loved the idea. So after IIW wrapped on May 3, I headed up to Palo Alto. […]

October 20, 2005 » Wiki Standards

At WikiSym 2005, we had a BoF on Wiki Standards, organized by Stephan Schmidt, coauthor of SnipSnap. Discussion was spirited, as you might expect, but I think we accomplished a great deal.    (JY4) We began by reviewing a list of things that could be standardized, which was old hat for a lot of folks […]