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January 2, 2004 » Battling Group Think

Geoff Cohen asked:    (PM) As we build different kinds of groupware/social software, what’s the role of consensus, and how powerful is it? Does software make reaching consensus easier or harder? For purely message-driven systems like email lists or USENET, consensus is much harder to reach than it would be in a real-life meeting. But […]

December 16, 2003 » WikiWhiteboard

Many moons ago, Danny Ayers reported the successful prototype of WikiWhiteboard, a simple tool for creating editable SVG images on Wikis. Motivated by the simplicity of the design and a little subtle prodding by Danny, I ported it to PurpleWiki. (See PurpleWiki:WikiWhiteboard.) Danny’s writeup on WikiWhiteboard, “Creating an SVG Wiki”, appeared last month at XML.com. […]

December 15, 2003 » perlIBIS: The Virtue of Thinking Out Loud

Read Danny Ayers‘s blog this morning, and saw an entry describing Ken MacLeod‘s recent experiment with IBIS Dialogue Mapping. I took a look, and was surprised and thrilled at what I saw. Ken had used (and improved) perlIBIS, which I had written and last released two years ago.    (JU) I note this not just […]

August 15, 2003 » Revising Blog Entries

Ross Mayfield observes that, when there are sudden news events, bloggers continually revise the same post rather than make new post after new post. He notes that this is very Wiki-like behavior and is not how blogs are supposed to be used, citing Dave Winer’s essay, “What Makes a Weblog A Weblog?”.    (7U) This […]

August 13, 2003 » Purple Numbers and Link Integrity

Danny Ayers is looking to implement Purple Numbers in his Wiki, and had the following question:    (66) But is the expectation that the anchor will always refer to the same information item?    (67) If we’re going for coolness, I think this may cause problems in the context of Wikis. Ok, pages come and […]

August 5, 2003 » OHS Launch Community: Experimenting with Ontologies

My review of The Semantic Web resulted in some very interesting comments. In particular, Danny Ayers challenged my point about focusing on human-understandable ontologies rather than machine-understandable ones:    (5D) But…”I think it would be significantly cheaper and more valuable to develop better ways of expressing human-understandable ontologies”. I agree with your underlying point here, […]

July 26, 2003 » Introductory Article on Metadata

Danny Ayers reports a good introductory article on various metadata tools, including GeoURL, SMBmeta, Dublin Core, RDF, and FOAF. Jason Cook, a high school classmate, wrote the article.    (4K)