June 2013 Archive

June 25, 2013 » Group Identity and Network Leadership: A Tribute to Kat Walsh

Yesterday, the Wikimedia Foundation announced the election results for its three community board seats. I was happy to see my friends, Phoebe Ayers and SJ Klein, elected to the board, and Delphine Menard, elected to the Funds Dissemination Committee. Those three are grizzled veterans, and they will continue to do great things in those roles. […]

June 24, 2013 » Self-Compassion: Advice from the Wisest Priest Who Ever Lived

Many years ago, my sister went to confession. She had not been in a long time, and, as is typical for her, she felt burdened by her sins, both real and perceived. Her priest listened thoughtfully and silently. When she finished, she expected her priest to assign a lengthy penance. He did not. “Have you […]

June 21, 2013 » LeBron James, Heroic Leadership, and the Danger of Narratives

For those of you who don’t follow basketball, the Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs last night for this year’s NBA championship. It was a classic series featuring seven future Hall of Famers and going the full seven games. What made this series particularly fascinating (besides the unbelievable level of play throughout) was that it […]

June 20, 2013 » Lean Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons from Changemaker Bootcamp

My plan for figuring out what I want to do next consists of: Going slow. Giving myself time to rest, reflect, and play. Listening. Trying to understand the challenges that changemakers are facing, and learning what cool things others are doing in the world. Experimenting. Learning aggressively, and sharing what I learn openly. I’ve been […]

June 19, 2013 » Kangaroo Court: A Tool for Constructive Feedback

One of my personal challenges at Groupaya was not overwhelming my team with negative feedback. I was generally proud of the quality of my team’s work, and I think I was decent at expressing that pride in the form of positive, constructive feedback. However, I also generally had a long list of nitpicks, and I […]

June 8, 2013 » Disrupting Organizational Consulting

My secret goal with Changemaker Bootcamp is to disrupt management and organizational development (OD) consulting. My rough and totally unscientific estimate is that the budgets for 90 percent of all management and organizational development consulting projects would be better spent on capacity development for staff. Good consultants already orient their work toward developing this capacity, but it […]

June 7, 2013 » Figuring out How to Steer

I’ve had many friends fill out and share my changemaker survey (there’s still time, so you can too), and it’s spurred some interesting discussions (which was largely the point). My friend, Joe Blaylock, shared the survey on his Facebook wall, and in the ensuing discussion, he ended up describing what I do as follows: Institutions […]

June 6, 2013 » In Defense of Hierarchy

Alpha Lo, one of the editors of The Open Collaboration Encyclopedia, writes an excellent blog about “open collaboration.” I mostly liked his latest post, where he tries to define “open collaboration,” but I strongly disagreed with one particularly prominent premise. It’s something I see repeated over and over again, often by people I respect, and it bothers […]