May 2013 Archive

May 29, 2013 » May Progress Report on Balance and Impact

“I think I’m probably going to end up like a Tex Winter at some point. Maybe like a Pete Newell. Pete was on the sidelines for a number of teams for maybe the last 15-20 years of his life where he just encouraged people how to play. He sat with Lenny Wilkens in Cleveland for […]

May 15, 2013 » Social Artistry

Last week, my friend, Elissa Perry, a poet and a leadership consultant, asked me how my recent foray into “creative processes” was affecting how I thought about my work. She was referring specifically to my photography dabblings, but I was confused at first. I didn’t understand her distinction between “creative processes” and “my work,” because […]

May 13, 2013 » Survey on Changemaker Challenges

When I left Groupaya at the end of last year, I promised myself that I would take four months before I started thinking too seriously about what I was going to do next. Well, those four months have passed! I’ve loved my life these past few months, and it’s helped me get more clear about […]